Group Walk
Are you short of time, cannot get out or simply need a rest? If the driving rain and cold wind puts you off or the dark nights leave you feeling a little vulnerable, Man's Best Friend Professional Dog Walking Service is just what you need!
Our dog walking service will take your best friend out for exciting, fun filled and tiring walks. Walks will be predominantly be in woodland and meadows where they can enjoy exercise through playing, exploring, and relaxing amongst nature.... and the odd dip in the stream!
The Group Walk option allows your dog to be walked in a small group allowing socialising, play and interaction with other dogs in a safe and exciting environment. Your playful pooch will, of course, have to be dog friendly and should not pull excessively on the lead. With written consent your dog will also be permitted off the lead for some of the walk allowing your canine companion to really stretch their legs and return home exhausted and happy.
Once walked, your best friend will be brought home, towel dried and settled back into their bed with fresh water and food, if requested. Now you can relax knowing your dog is walked in a safe, fun and professional manner by a dog lover who will treat your dog as one of his own.
Group Walks are for approximately 60 minutes. This does not include travel, pick up, or drop off times. 
New additions to Group Walks may have to be walked individually for their first few sessions in order for me to establish a sound relationship with your dog, to understand their behaviour, recall abilities, and general suitability for joining an exisiting pack. If after the preliminary session(s), or at any period there after, I feel that your dog is unsuitable for a Group Walk you will be offered, where possible, a service on a One-to-One basis. 
Please see Prices page for our introductory discounts. 
When taking out a full booking I will only walk up to five dogs at any one time. Please note that a booking made for a Group Dog Walk does not always guarantee fellow canine company for your dog.
As from 1st February 2011 Leeds City Council has made it a criminal offence for an individual to walk more than four dogs within the Leeds Metropolitan District area. Please see Leeds City Council website for further details.
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