One to One Walk
Does your dog enjoy the attention from a human more than they do from a pack of fellow dogs? Well, the One-to-One Walk allows just that!
Undivided attention, play and stimulation will be provided for your best friend in a safe and exciting environment. They will then be returned home ready for a lay down by the warm fire.
The One-to-One Walk is also ideal for older or less mobile dogs who may not be able to keep up with the pack. It is also suitable for dogs who may have problems sharing their walks with other canines.
Do you have a dog who can occasionally be aggressive towards other dogs? I am more than happy to walk dogs who may have these characteristics. (Arrangements such as muzzles or kept on a lead to be agreed proir to walk).
 Unfortunately I can not walk dogs who are aggressive towards people. If this is the case, you may want to consider a few sessions with a qualified dog trainer to aid to combat such problems. 
Once walked, your playful pooch will be returned home, towel dried, and settled back into their bed with fresh water and food if requested.
One to One walks are for 30 minutes. This does not include pick up, travel or drop off times!
Please see Prices page for our introductory discounts
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