Home Visit for Puppies and Dogs
Do you have a new puppy? Can you not bear the thought of leaving your new little best friend at home for long periods of time? Then the Puppy Visit Service is right up your street!
Attentively, I will visit your playful puppy at home and spend 30 minutes with them engaging in play, stimulation and interaction. I will clean up any accidents and ensure that your dog has fresh water and food if requested. They will also be allowed to stretch their legs and relieve themselves. Ideally your dog will have a garden to play in, if not, then a short walk of 15 minutes around your estate will be provided.
The Puppy and Dog Home Visit Service is ideal to help your new best friend to become house trained. If they suffer from seperation anxiey or quite simply for a piece of mind, this service enables you to be sure that your dog is not alone during the long hours that you are out.
Customers can also utilise the Home Visit Service for short 20-25 minute on-lead walks around your estate. Ideal for dogs who cannot keep up with 60 minute Group Walks, but do not require the more energetic One-to-One walk.  

This service is also excellent for dogs in their twilight years who may not manage the physical demands of a walk, that may need to be let out to relieve themselves, or may require medication which I am able to administer on your behalf, or simply to check up on your best friend and provide company whilst you are out.

I can also undertake a brief home security check (alternating lights, drawing curtains etc.) in addition to attending to your best friends needs.
Please see Prices page for our introductory discounts
Please note that the Puppy and Dog Home Visit Service is not a substitute for boarding whilst you are away from home.
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